Resolution Upper Middle Rhine Valley

Allgemein 4. February 2019

Klaus Thomas, Elke Greiff-Gossen, Rheinpassagen Citizens’ Initiative, Paris 4. Februar 2019

Permanent Rhine Crossing

We ask the UNESCO World Heritage Committee to urge the State Party of Germany, through the State of Rhineland-Palatinate, to undertake the following measures:

  1. To adopt a mobility concept for the Middle Rhine Valley, including an evaluation of the environmental impact of long-distance transport and traffic to the highways as well as additional traffic due to the termination of the ferry service;
  2. To revisit all previous expert opinions on road traffic (including the bridge design competition) based on applicable legal regulations and credible statistics;
  3. To formally acknowledge the ferries as an essential part of the Outstanding Universal Value of the cultural landscape of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley.
  4. To ensure that no major highway and bridge are constructed through the Middle Rhine Valley.